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Jeremy Dalmacio, Owner/ RLS

D2 Surveying

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a simple guy. I enjoy family (especially mine) and all of the craziness that comes with it. I grew up in a small town in Arizona in a family of six (2 sisters and one little brother). We grew up with a Filipino father and a mother that was born and raised in Arizona. I have a lovely wife that i would be entirely lost without. She has given me 2 crazy boys (11 and 4) and a princess that is just 6 months old. I graduated from Globe High School in Globe, Arizona and after a couple years of junior college I tried a couplet of different jobs and then I started surveying. I was hired on by a friends older brother who taught me the ropes and made it fun and exciting to be working all day long out in the Arizona heat. As the years went by I met some great people and built a network of great people that I enjoyed working for and with.

Where do you see your business 1 year from now?

Great question! Instinctively, the math nerd lights up inside of me and the first thought that comes to mind of would be our financial position. Did we meet our revenue goals? What is our market share? How much did we vary from our budget? And then I am reminded of why I am doing this and I ask myself, who's life have I affected this year? Was I able to hire a new team member and give his/her family a better life? Was I able to provide a discounted fee to a family in need of my services? Was I able to be at my son's kindergarten graduation? This is where I see myself after a year; earning a modest living and making an abundance of an impact on peoples lives.

What lead you to start your business?

You don'y always have to agree with your boss, but at the end of the day you do need to do what your boss tells you to... unless you become your own boss.... scratch that, unless you begin to lead your own company. I never liked the term boss. To me, just the term "boss" screams out micro-manager, your fired, why are you late, that's coming out of your paycheck. In the case of my brother and I, it was time to redefine company culture on our terms. I had worked for the same employer for 13 years alongside my brother who started shortly after I did. Now let me share one thing I learned about business and life while I was working there: as the years pass, people change. And I don't mean that everyone changes for better or worse, they just change. Circumstances change, economies change, lifestyles change. One thing that remained unchanged over the years was the strength and support of my brother who worked alongside me.After 11 years together we put in enough blood sweat and tears to fill a bath tub, well truthfully we work out in the Arizona heat year round so (as disgusting as it may sound) over a combined 24 years we probably sweat enough to fill a swimming pool, Moving beyond the sweat, there was a level of trust and comfort working alongside my brother that had reached a peak because we were both working under the direction of our employer. In order to overcome that ceiling and push our limits of coexisting in the same workspace there was only one thing left to do....and we dove in head first!

What has been the biggest contributor to your success in business?

Customer Service

What advice would you offer to businesses like your just starting up?

Don't settle for a job. Figure out what you love (or even like) to do and surround yourself with people that you want to grow with. You may not "love" what you do but if you love the environment that you are working/earning in, there can be a lot more satisfaction than settling for a J-O-B that pays well. Also treat EVERYONE the same way you would like to be treated, the golden rule has never hurt anyone.

Who is your idol for success in business?

S. Truett Cathy